After Las Vegas

Lots of people have posted lots of poignant and articulate responses to the LV massacre. Some of us introverts have been quiet – not because we don’t feel and not because we have nothing to say, but because we go inside ourselves for awhile first. At least i do, so i’ll speak for myself.

I’ve been thinking and writing about hope lately – about what it is a noun, how it behaves as a verb, how it motivates as an emotion, how destructive it is in it’s own absence, how dark things get when it goes missing. And when people do awful and unspeakable violence, when people suffer the unimaginable, when darkness seems to be winning, I hear the question: Does it even make sense to attempt to “live in hope”?


Here’s what i think – for now, for this morning: To choose hope – to engage as fully in life as is humanly possible, to give ourselves as completely as possible, to love as deeply as possible, to risk as much as possible, to be as compassionate and kind as possible, to laugh and to cry and to feel as much as possible – is the bravest way to stand up to fear and violence.

I think we have to stand tall and shake our fists at everything that makes us want to hunker down, and wage goodness with everything that’s within us. And i think we have to remind each other that that’s how we’ll live, because that’s who we are, and because that’s the world we owe to our kids and our grandkids and our neighbors.

I wonder what you think? How do you  wage goodness and hope in this world?

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