Better Together

Sometimes my inner toddler shows up, and I want to do it (whatever it is!) all by myself.

Sometimes I’m way too stubborn/shy/clueless to acknowledge that I need a little help, and sometimes I’m too much of a fraidy cat to ask for help.

Sometimes I’m hesitant to ask because I don’t want to trouble anyone. Sometimes I think I should be able to navigate all of life’s challenges all by myself. Sometimes I really don’t want to expose my weakness/ inexperience/ confusion/ fear/ vulnerability.

But we’re better together, my friends in Dallas taught me when we built houses in Mexico together. 

We’re better together, my friends in New Mexico taught me when I followed them down a steep and bumpy ski run.

We’re better together, my sons taught me in a million large and small heart-stretching ways.

We’re better together, my husband shows me daily.

And now a new community is showing me again: we’re better together. (At least, they’re making me better!)

The staff and volunteers at the Pat Conroy Literary Center are amazing: welcoming, gracious, wise, and oh-so-generous with encouragement and resources and inspiration. And workshops. And readings. And retreats. And did I mention great people? Really, this organization is a treasure, y’all.

So, who are your better-together people?

Who’s your team, your tribe?

Who walks with you, encourages you, inspires you?

Who makes you braver, stronger, gentler, more compassionate, more creative? 

Find those people.

Love them. Listen to life with them. Learn from them. Recieve their good gifts, and offer yours to them. 

    Because, if you want to go fast, you can go  alone. But doesn’t life go fast enough anyway?  If you want to go far, go together.

Who knows where you may find yourself!?

Published by Rebecca Bruff

Every story has layers of stories underneath, woven through, all around. I love exploring stories.

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