Between the Covers…

Choosing, I mean….

So, last week the publisher emailed several cover options for the new book, Trouble the Water. (Read more about that here:

Each design stunned me. I mean, their graphics people are some kind of brilliant.

“Rank them,” they said. “Tell us which you like most, and which you like least. Put them all in order, favorite to least favorite.”

It reminded me of trying to choose the cutest puppy out of a big wiggly litter. Impossible. But so much fun!

So, now you get to help! We narrowed it down to two, and you can go to this page and vote!

Tell us what you think! Vote this week – they’ll decide soon!

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Every story has layers of stories underneath, woven through, all around. I love exploring stories.

One thought on “Between the Covers…

  1. I vote(d?) for the left-hand one, with the hazy river scene.
    A peaceful and calming scene—showing the water, pre-troubled?
    Of the two, it’s the cover that would moreso invite me to open the book, read further inside.
    The reds and browns of the second cover agitate me, makes me suspect the book’s gonna have a lot upheaval and turmoil. That by reading this book, I might be as troubled as the water. That said, I do think its placement of the title shows a a stronger spark of creativity.

    Is there one that seems more “right” to your authorial eye? (You don’t have to tell us until a decision’s been made, if even then.)

    I may be almost as excited as you to hold this puppy in my hands. I plan to be the first in Colorado (certainly first in Salida) to own and read a copy.

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