When we began this journey – and picked up everything and moved across the country – we couldn’t see far enough into the future to know what it would bring. We could only see the path immediately in front of us.

Which can be a little scary.

But sometimes you just have to take the first step.

Then the next one, and the one after that.

And – after enough steps – and stops – and setbacks – and beginning again and again and again- maybe you arrive at the place you didn’t know how to find.

Yesterday, the nice UPS person brought this:

These are the ARCs – Advance Reader Copies – meaning they’re the copies that go to reviewers and such, and are still being checked over for typos and mistakes. They’re not the final product, which is still a few months away; a few more steps.

But still! We got to see it, and hold it in our hands, and give thanks for the journey so far.

We can’t ever really know where the path will lead. But still we take a step.

Our hero, Robert Smalls, took a daring risk, not knowing how it might end.

Thank you, Mr. Smalls. You’ve taught me so much about courage.

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