Diving In

“They open those strong wings, and they glide, glide, glide — usually two or three together, they glide low over the water, so low that you think the tip of that powerhouse of a wing will catch on the water, but it doesn’t. And when the bird finds a fish — does he see it? does he sense it? — when he knows there’s a fish he folds his wings and dives. Straight down; he plunges; he’s all in, that huge long dish of a beak breaking the water, and down he goes. He dives, he disappears. And just when you wonder, Where is he?— up he comes, and he flips his head way back, tossing the fish from his beak down his hungry throat, salty and squirming. And he rises on his big dark wings, soars again, fueled by the success of his headlong dive.” ~ Trouble the Water

Pelicans fascinate me. They look like they’re having so much fun, soaring along the beach. They’re almost always with a few others, playing follow-the-leader: the one in front flaps, the others flap; the leader glides, everyone glides. They’re big, strong, beautiful.

But those dives! When they fish, they play dive-bomber. Are they as fearless and confident as they seem? I mean, a headlong dive isn’t the sort of thing you can miscalculate.

On the other hand, a headlong dive may be the only way to acheive the goal, to catch the fish, to find the treasure.

Maybe diving deep, taking the plunge, risking a little – or a lot – will make all the difference.

It did for me.

What will you dive deep for today?

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