Life: Ripple & Wave, Story & Legacy

Every life is a story, infinite stories actually. Each life – every one of us! – is a drop or a pebble or a splash in the vast ocean of life. Every life, every person, every story affects another, many others.

How our story affects the world is our legacy.

Most of the time though, most of us probably don’t think about it and we probably don’t ever know who or what our ripples touch, how we affect the world, the legacy we leave.

A man was born in 1839 and I only heard of him 6 years ago, and he changed countless lives, including mine. He probably never imagined that a woman would write his story almost two centuries later.

It makes me wonder— Will someone, someday, write my story or yours? What will they say? What legacy will we leave?

What pebble will we toss into the great waters of life, and what ripples will they create?

Maybe we should make waves. Maybe we can change big things in big ways. Why not?

What legacies will you and I leave? Maybe our lives, individually or collectively, will impact the future for our kids and grandkids and make the world kinder, cleaner, safer, better. Maybe that story will be written one day.

Or maybe we won’t act, and someday the story of our generation, the story of our time, will tell of a people that didn’t care or looked the other way or chose comfort over justice. Complacency has power too, often tragic.

People of courage and conviction, like Robert Smalls, like Harriett Tubman, like Susan Anthony, like Howard Thurman, like Mother Teresa, like Rosa Parks, like a thousand known and unsung heroes – like you, like me – people like us have the opportunity to make ripples and waves and a better world.

What will our legacies be? Who will write our stories, and what will they say?

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