“You can observe a lot by watching.” Ah, Yogi Bera, thank you for your insight!

These days I’m growing more curious and observant, more intentional, eager to see and learn, thirsty to drink in the richness of this extraordinary life. 

Every moment, every face, every encounter, every experience, every sunrise and every sunset brims with beauty, pathos, question, drama, wonder, and hope. 

Every person has a story; every story can be seen from infinite perspectives, as subtle as the turning of a kaleidoscope or as profound as the opening of eyes.

Poet Mary Oliver said it a bit more eloquently:

Here’s a perspective on a little known story.

I hope you’ll read it, maybe even be astonished, and tell about it.

And PS: If you’ve already read, we’d love for you to share a review, wherever you like to review books! Thank you!

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