This mug found me in Crested Butte, CO, a dozen years ago at least.

It’s one of four; its siblings say Calm, Begin, and Create although they don’t always speak in that order.

Pause isn’t usually my first choice. I’m more likely to choose Begin or Create.

But over the years I’ve sipped a bit from the cup of Pause – in the mountains, in the city, and now by the river. And sometimes I even refill – because sometimes I need a longer Pause. Don’t we all?

I’m trying to Pause more peacefully now. In fact, I think this global season of anxious waiting might teach me something. And I guess I listen better when I pause.

Here a few things I’m (hopefully) learning as I pause:

  1. Make Peace with Uncertainty – I’m far more uncomfortable with uncertainty than I realized. And the truth is, uncertainty is always part of my life. It’s time, perhaps, to accept uncertainty, and befriend it if I can.
  2. Find the Beauty – In spite of everything, spring is springing. Birds sing, flowers bloom, the breeze nudges the wind chimes. Extraordinary people inspire and give and serve, and beauty is all around.
  3. Take the Time – All those things that I “don’t have time for”? Um, yeah, I do have time. Time to call a friend, time to write a letter (remember letters?), time to watch an old movie, read a book, write a book 🙂
  4. Say Thank You – Gratitude is good for us. Literally. Check it out: Make a list. Tell someone Thank you. Those good people on the front lines – healthcare workers, sanitation teams, grocers and pharmacists and delivery people. Tell them thank you.
  5. Contribute What You Can – Give blood. Make a mask. Write a check to a shelter. Compose a poem. Offer what you can. Generosity is good for us too: Generosity and Creativity are good for us and good for our fragile beautiful world.

This list is just the beginning; I have so much more to learn. What about you? What would you add?

Tell me, what are you hearing in this Season of Pause?

And, if you need a book, or need to send a book to someone, let us help! We can sign, personalize, and get to you or the one you love!

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