Before this decisive night, I’d not fully appreciated the subtle line between inspiration and insanity. But now, with all our lives at risk, I found myself navigating that most perilous edge….

Tonight we will survive to live an unknown future of freedom, or perish to the dark and watery depths. Men. Women. Babies. Sixteen lives hanging in the balance.

Tonight. Now.

Or never.

Inspired by a true story, Trouble the Water is about risking everything for freedom.

Born a slave, Robert Smalls commandeered a Confederate arms ship from the Charleston harbor, and with the woman he loved and a small crew of other slaves, delivered it to the Union Navy. After the war ended Smalls was able to purchase the house in which he and his mother had been enslaved, and he became one of America’s first black legislators. His courage, thirst for knowledge, and compassion ultimately changed the lives of untold others, including making SC the first state to legislate public education for all.

From his illiterate childhood to his thrilling escape to freedom, from his work to make South Carolina the first state to guarantee public education to his final days on the porch of his family home, he changed untold lives. Including mine.

I can’t wait to share his story with you!

Do you like stories? And the stories behind the stories? And the minds and hearts and hopes and dreams that make stories beautiful and tragic and powerful? Me too.

Having lived in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and back in Texas, I’ve finally landed in the South Carolina lowcountry – one of the most unique and beautiful ecosystems on the planet, a place absolutely oozing with life and stories.


My passion? Words, ideas, journeys – stories! Stories of place and people, stories of hurts and hopes, stories of loss and longing and heartbreak and home and romance and redemption – stories of life.

I’m currently revising a novel based on the true story of an unsung hero from right here in South Carolina. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to meet him!

And, I’m in the messy middle of a book about Hope. (Two actually – one’s non-fiction, the other is a novel and may or may not be loosely based on my own experiences.)

I get to share life with a brilliant man and a goofy dog. And you. Thank you for visiting. Please come back soon!


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